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Immigration Support

Evaluations and Therapist Support letters

If you are in process of applying for Political Asylum, or were a victim of a crime here in the United States and are applying for a T-Visa or U-Visa, it is likely your immigration attorney will be requesting a letter of support and evaluation from a licensed therapist.


  • U-Visa,T-Visas, Political Asylum, Hardship Waivers: 2 hour session, comprehensive evaluation and letter. $600

Sessions and letters can be paid separately if not due immediately.  However payment for the letter must be completed prior to the therapist beginning the process of writing the evaluation.

During our initial consultation we will discuss if you are ready to immediately start the evaluation and assessment.  If you are not immediately ready to share your story we may require additional sessions to help prepare you emotionally.

If you are wanting ongoing therapy and wish to have an evaluation letter completed later on in services, we can discuss a reduced fee for weekly sessions. 

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