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Therapy for Children and Teens

How it's different

Children do not express or have the development to process their feelings as adults do.   As a Registered Play Therapist, I use art and play to help a child work through their problems through themes.  Although only using telehealth at the moment,  I am still able to use play therapy techniques.  However, let's discuss first if you feel that this would be effective for your child at the moment.  For younger children, I may request you to be present to help with the process.  

Teens also need connection in a different way than adults.  Teens often feel stuck between childhood and expectations of an adult.  I am able to connect with teens on their level using art, games, and letting them show me their talents and interests.

All services include supportive time with the caregivers as well, with time and frequency decided on between the guardians and therapist. For younger children, especially in utilizing TF-CBT will include a 15 minute caregiver session.  You are with your child far longer than I will be, and is important that you feel confident in helping your child. 

Unless you are able to provide a court document showing your sole legal custody, both parents must be willing and able to sign consent to therapy.  There may be some extenuating circumstances that we can discuss. 

Please click the link below for a short video on Play Therapy.

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